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Aryaa Foundation

“Every Student Must Get Clean Drinking Water” was our resolve and we are proud that we were able to fulfil it.

Keeping true to our vision, we have successfully installed a RO Water Purifier at local state run school. The school has been operational for more than 5 decades but until now the students had to either carry safe drinking water from home or drink the impure bore well water available to them through water taps in school. The school had previously been donated a small water purifier by one of the international NGO’s. It was however installed incorrectly and stopped working only in a few days. We at Aryaa Foundation first decided to repair the old purifier and bring it to working condition. However after several inspections and trials we realised the machine was beyond repair. Hence decision was made to install a completely new water purifier plant with an output capacity of 500 litres of clean drinking water per hour. Along with the water purifier we also installed completely new water storage tanks and also did all the required plumbing from scratch.

Finally after days of work and several tests and trials and after our complete satisfaction, on 26th January 2017 on occasion of Republic Day of India, we proudly inaugurated the water purification plant. Our commitment did not stop with the installation. We have also pledged to do the complete maintenance of the water purification plant for at least next 2 years from our side without the school incurring any expenses.

It’s an absolute pleasure to watch students queue up before the 8 separate taps to fill up their water bottles and drink clean water during their lunch breaks. Please visit our website to know more about our our work and organization at