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Aryaa Handicrafts

Through our journeys across the globe we have come to an understanding that behind the finest things in life there is always a personal touch of a craftsman. Be it a painting, sculpture or even the design for most modern supersonic jet. All are visualised, designed, composed, compiled etc. in human minds and given a physical existence by human hands.

In this age of machine manufacturing sadly some of the unique & traditional handmade items have lost their value across the globe and along with that the hundreds of hands that make these items find their art irrelevant and their existence in danger. Hence we have taken it upon ourselves to promote these beautiful products, craftsmanship and culture thereby supporting livelihood of these artists. Currently we get our products specially made from various craftsmen across India. Every state in India is blessed with its unique history, culture, language, music, art etc. With such abundant history and culture dating thousands of years some of our craftsmen have been making these handicraft products for generations in the same family.

Our physical kiosk is situated at our hotel, ‘Hotel Aryaa Regency', Ozar. If you are doing Ashtavinayak Yatra across Maharashtra, please do visit our store when you are in Ozar. We will gratefully welcome you as a guest if you also wish to stay at our hotel during the Ashtavinayak Yatra. We have Luxury and Premium AC & Non AC Rooms available. Please visit our website to know more about our handicrafted products visit kiosk or our website at