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The Vigneshwar temple at Ozar is located at a distance of about 100 km from Pune enroute to Nasik. Ozar cha Shri Vigneshwara is considered to be one of the Ashta Vinayak shrines of Maharashtra, celebrating eight instances of legends related to Ganesha.


Legend has it that a demon by name Vignaasura created obstacles to every good deed performed by the sages and the other inhabitants of the world. Responding to the pleas of the sages, Ganesha set out to battle the demon Vignaasura who quickly realizing his weakness surrendered to Ganesha, and agreed to stop his misdeeds. He also requested Ganesha to take up the name Vigneshwar in connection with his surrender. Legend also has it that the very same sages installed an image of Vigneshwara at Ozar on Ganesh Chaturti and offered worship.


An east facing image of Ganesha flanked by his consorts Siddhi and Riddhi is enshrined in this grand temple which has interesting features such as a spacious courtyard, a grand entrance, sculptural and mural work. The image of Ganesha is decorated with precious and semi precious stones.

Daily Program of Pooja, Aarti and Abhishek performed at the temple:

  •   5.00 AM        Ganpati Maha Abhishek
  •   7.00 AM        Maha Aarti
  •   12.00 PM      Aarti
  •   7.00 PM        Haripaath Bhajan
  •   8.30 PM        Haripaath Aarti
  •   10.30 PM      Sej Aarti
  •   11.00 PM      Temple Closes


  • In Junnar taluka of Pune district, Ozar is at a distance of 12 kms. from Narayangaon.
  • Ozar is at a distance of 85 kms. from Pune.
  • Ozar is at a distance of 8 kms from Junnar. S.T. buses don't go to Ozar directly, you have to get down at Junnar and go to Ozar by rickshaw, jeep, etc.
  • Since the bridge is built on river Kukadi vehicles can directly go upto the temple.
  • There are regular bus services from Shivajinagar bus stand of Pune.
  • From Mumbai, Via-Thane-Kalyan-Bapsai-Saralgaon Ozar is at distance of 182 kms.


In addition to Bhadrapada and Magh Shuddha Chaturthi, there is another festival of 5 days from Kartiki Purnima to Chaturthi. There is beautiful lightening (Deep Mala) arrangement during that period.

  • Religious rituals like Pooja, Abhishek, Sahastravartana etc. are done by temple trust on accepting definate donations from devotees.
  • Vighneshwara's photograph can be taken on giving donation of Rs.21.
  • In front of the temple there is one peeple tree and Ram temple.